Everybody dreams, including bulldogs…

Everybody dreams, including bulldogs….

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Remolded bathroom exceeds the customers expectations.

It’s really satisfying when a customer is blown away by your work, like this one was when she saw her new bathroom for the first time. Here’s a little video we did of the bathroom remodel, take a look, we think you might find what we did with the wood work interesting.

Until next time…The Crew at Aim Higher Construction

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Grading a backyard to get proper drainage is key to protecting the house.

los angeles general contractorHad this project in Malibu where the house had been suffering from some water damage over the years.

The way the house was built on the hill, when it rained water flowed to it from up the hill and from the backyard.

So what we had to do was a tricky grading job to get the water to flow around the house, not to it. Took some planning and a good man with a tractor, but in the end we solved this problem for good. In Los Angeles we don’t get much rain, but when we do it can do damage to the house that was not set up right.

The Crew at Aim Higher Construction

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Aim Higher Construction goes to the Dodger game.

Aim higher constructionJust goes to show you, when you do a good job customers will thank you. Sometimes even with Dodger tickets. Yep, one of our on going clients decided to show their appreciation by giving our company tickets to their suite at Dodger stadium.

Needless to say we had a great time. It was a bonding experience for all the team members and reminded us about our goal – and that is to exceed our customers expectations. Cause when you do that things come back around your way in many different forms, the latest of which was Dodger tickets.

Another memorable event that night was running into the famous Tommy Lasorda, former Manager of the Dodgers. He was kind enough to stop and say hello to some of our kids, ever took a picture with them.

It was a night to remember, just goes to show you when you aim higher every day what can happen. The Crew at Aim Higher Construction.

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During the demolition of the front yard, we discover that this dirt hill was created over a decade ago with debris from another demo project. This is a problem.

los angeles general contractor - front yard demoThis is a total home remodel in Malibu that includes the front yard. What happened was, when the guys started getting rid of all the hard scape in the front yard, which included a concrete patio near the entry, they discovered that the ground where the raised patio was, was very unstable.

When they continued to dig, they discovered that the elevated area where the patio was built was created with debris from another demolition job over a decade ago. Now here’s the problem with this. All the broken up concrete, bricks and other debris do not make for a stable land fill. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

All this debris never gets compacted and is always shifting. What this means is what ever is built on top of it will shift, sink, crack or fall over…eventually. No wonder the patio hard scape was cracking and shifting all over the place, and needed to be replaced. The ground it was built on was super unstable.

To fix this, we need to remove all the loose debris from this little hill and fill it in with clean dirt, then compact it. Compacting is a process that takes some time, but if done right, the ground will be solid and not shift again. This insures the new front yard landscape will have a solid base and last a long, long time.

Like we always say, when you start the demolition process in a home renovation, you never know what you will find.

Talk to you all again soon, the crew at Aim Higher Construction.

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Right in the middle of this home remodel when our client falls in love with a front door that totally blows the budget. Fortunately for them we have a master craftsman on our team that saves the day.

Things like this happen all the time in home remodels. A client falls in love with something, then when they find out how much it costs, they get a little depressed. I mean they want it, but they can not justify the cost, so they suck it up and start looking for something else that will fit the budget.

los angeles general contractor - front doorBut as luck may have it, we have a team member that is an excellent craftsmen who can do just about anything with wood. So we had him take a look at the original door the owners had fallen in love with. He did some drawings, got some input from the owners, revised them a bit more and came up with a design that the owners now like even more than the doors they had originally picked. And the kicker is we were able to deliver the new doors under the budget. Needless to say we had some very happy clients.

Just goes to show when you have some true craftsmen on your team you can make your clients dreams come true…and stay on budget.

The team at Aim Higher Construction. Los Angeles General Contractor.

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If you are doing a home remodel and looking for a new mailbox solution take a look at what we did.

We had been moving along on this Malibu home remodel when the client asked us about a better solution for their mailbox. They did not feel comfortable with the conventional mailbox set up on the street, even if it was a locked one, as they had many important documents being delivered on a regular basis.

los angeles general contractor - mail box

los angeles general contractor – mail box

So what we suggested was to build it into the garage. This was a very clean solution that not only complimented the house but provided the ultimate security they were looking for.

The key was a large box we built behind the wall in the garage that would hold all the delivered mail. It was easily accessible from inside the garage and the home owners could rest assured that all their mail was secure. And here’s another plus, if they were traveling the mail would be always hidden and never overflow out of the box, sending a message that the house was vacant. Can’t hurt to be careful.

The Crew at Aim Higher Construction. Los Angeles General Contractor.

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