During the demolition of the front yard, we discover that this dirt hill was created over a decade ago with debris from another demo project. This is a problem.

los angeles general contractor - front yard demoThis is a total home remodel in Malibu that includes the front yard. What happened was, when the guys started getting rid of all the hard scape in the front yard, which included a concrete patio near the entry, they discovered that the ground where the raised patio was, was very unstable.

When they continued to dig, they discovered that the elevated area where the patio was built was created with debris from another demolition job over a decade ago. Now here’s the problem with this. All the broken up concrete, bricks and other debris do not make for a stable land fill. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

All this debris never gets compacted and is always shifting. What this means is what ever is built on top of it will shift, sink, crack or fall over…eventually. No wonder the patio hard scape was cracking and shifting all over the place, and needed to be replaced. The ground it was built on was super unstable.

To fix this, we need to remove all the loose debris from this little hill and fill it in with clean dirt, then compact it. Compacting is a process that takes some time, but if done right, the ground will be solid and not shift again. This insures the new front yard landscape will have a solid base and last a long, long time.

Like we always say, when you start the demolition process in a home renovation, you never know what you will find.

Talk to you all again soon, the crew at Aim Higher Construction.

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