So you think a little water leak somewhere in your home is no big deal. This is just one of the things that can happen when you let it go too long.

So we’re getting towards the end of a major home renovation in Malibu. This was one of those jobs that every time we started renovating one part of the house, we discovered something else on a deeper level that needed to be repaired.

los angeles general contractor - bedroom balconyFor instance on this Malibu home remodel – as we did the demo in the upstairs bedroom, we discovered water damage on the small deck outside. Turns out when they built this little deck they didn’t allow for good drainage and when it rained some water always got into the wall. Not that much, so they just ignored it. Now you’d think this would all be solved when we renovated the bedroom, and normally that would be the case, but since the home owners let this little leak go for years, it had rotted all the supporting timber of the bedroom floor near the balcony. So now we had to rip out all the rotten wood in the floor near the balcony and replace it before we could even start the bedroom remodel.

This is just one example of what happens when home owners let their homes go and don’t keep them up. A little problem becomes a big one, and costs of repair go up. So if you’re a home owner, stay on top of your property, it may cost a couple of extra bucks along the way, but in the long run, it will save you a boat load.

The crew at Aim Higher Construction. Los Angeles General Contractors.

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