One “hiring a general contractor in Los Angeles” tip that will save you a ton of headaches, and money…

First, here’s the skinny on hiring general contractors in Los Angeles; LA has a lot of homes, and with a house, everything eventually needs to be repaired or replaced, so there’s a lot of general contractors sitting around waiting to get started on your project, the rub is, there is a group of them who have no pride in what they do or your best interest at heart.

The basic problem is too many general contractors in Los Angeles, the good ones are busy and the ones that aren’t know you have better things to do on the weekend, not to mention the fact you don’t have the tools and skill to get it done, and eventually you’ll end up hiring one of them. But you don’t want one of them,  you want a craftsman with experience, a certified pro to get quality home remodeling done, someone who has pride in what they do and your best interest at heart. What we’re talking about here is someone who will do a great job for you at a fair price. Finding people like this is not so easy.

So here’s the one tip for a sure fire way to how to hire a contractor you’ll be happy with, in Los Angeles or any other city. It’s pretty simple, you just start with an itemized estimate in writing (this will tell you a lot about a contractor).

With a detailed estimate you’ll be able to understand and compare it to other proposals (get multiple bids). Look at the full scope of work, and beware of anybody who throws a low-ball number out there (with no details on how money is spent) they just to get your business without doing any work up front, and will nail you with overages once the job is started.

What you’re looking for here is your contractor’s willingness to put in writing any of the verbal representations he or she has made to you to get the job. If they have made oral commitments but won’t put them in writing, that’s a REJECT.

A detailed written estimate tells you the contractor knows what they’re doing (has done their homework and understands the scope of the job) and is committed to delivering on the project, plus it protects you financially and your home from shoddy work.

Hope this helps you out when getting started. The Aim Higher Crew, general contractors in Los Angeles

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