Want to know how to make unsightly wires to a ceiling fan mounted on a 6 x 16 beam dissapear…

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So here we are in the middle of a general construction job in Los Angeles where the interior designer wants two ceiling fans installed in the bedroom. Now normally this doesn’t present much of a problem, after all most ceilings have a space where wires can be run.

But here’s the rub on this job. It’s a huge bedroom with a 20 foot pitched ceiling and a exposed 6×16 support beam running right down the middle. And the designer wants the fan in the middle, which means on the beam. We’ve already installed recessed lighting on both sides of the beam that blends in and is almost invisible to the eye until it’s turned on. The lighting hardware and placement is a perfect instillation. So how do we keep this clean look going when we install the fans?

The first thought is just run the wires from the wall along the beam to the fans, then cover the wires with plastic covering to match the beam. The designer had done this before and was open to doing it again. You’ve all seen these installations, not the most elegant way to go, but sometimes it’s your only choice.

But when we stood back and looked at the whole room with it’s clean lines we just couldn’t picture this fan installation with wires running along the beam screaming “compromise”.

We put our heads together and came up with an idea. What we proposed was to drill the beam from either end and run the wiring through the beam, instead of on top of it. This would make it a clean home remodel installation with the wiring completely hidden from the eye.

This construction solution looked good on paper but we didn’t know if it would work, after all that beam was holding up the roof and drilling a hole in it could be a problem. So we called in our structural engineer and electrician for a meeting. They did their due diligence and confirmed that drilling a small hole from either end of the beam would not compromise its integrity, and wires could be run through it, in other words this idea would work. The news was meant with much delight from the interior designer and home owner.

We love it when things work out like this, and they usually do when we put our heads together to figure things out. Stay tuned for a video we’re putting together on this job, it should be done in a week or so.

Thanks from the Crew at Aim Higher Construction…General Construction Los Angeles

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