The classic asian torii design is brought to life in this total home renovation in LA…

Torii added to the enterence of home renovationThe historic function of a torii is to simply mark the entrance to a sacred space, like a temple or the tombs of an ancient Emperor. But in the case of these home owners who hired Aim Higher Construction for their home renovation, it’s to welcome people to their home.

Not something you see everyday, and very dramatic. We love it and we’re not the  only ones, people driving down the street are always stopping and looking. This historic element incorporated into a modern home renovation is a real show stopper. So it’s no surprise it’s set the look and feel of the whole house. The exterior house design and all the building materials; the wood detail, deck title and plaster colors push-off this design element and serve to compliment and enhance the torii.

If this was handled any other way it might seen out of place, but the architect hit it right on the nose with his over all design. The materials, proportions and colors feel spot on. We hope you’re as excited about this construction project as we are, cause we can’t wait to get all the construction debris out of there and show it off.

We’ll give you and up date as it gets closer to being finished, along with a look at all the other details, inside and out, that make this home renovation so special.

The Crew at Aim Higher Construction / General Construction Los Angeles

For this reason, the road leading to a Shinto shrine is almost always straddled by one or more torii, which are therefore the easiest way to distinguish a shrine from a Buddhist temple. If the sandō passes under multiple torii, the outer of them is called ichi no torii first torii).[3] The following ones, closer to the shrine, are usually called, in order, ni no torii (二の鳥居?, second torii) and san no torii (三の鳥居?, third torii). Other torii can be found further into the shrine to represent increasing levels of holiness as one nears the inner sanctuary (honden), core of the shrine.[3] Also, because of the strong relationship between Shinto shrines and the Japanese Imperial family, a torii stands also in front of the tombs of each Emperor.

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