The benefits of a new roof-line for this total home renovation are clean lines, a new storage area and a dramatic living room ceiling…

general construction los angelesWhen you start a total home remodel you always have high expectations.  Especially when the house is over 50 years old and hasn’t had any major upgrades in years. Of course no matter how well you plan things out with an old home there are always a few surprises, but that’s just the way it is with construction, you learn to deal with them as they pop up. But with our problem solving talent on site, when we hit a bump in the road it hardly even slows us down.

So when we signed on to renovate an old small house in Century City we were ready for anything and really excited about the possibilities, almost as excited as the home owners.

The demo went smoothly, pouring the new foundation was challenging but we figured out how to make it match the rest of the house perfectly, the result being the extended parts of the house blended seamlessly with the original house. We were feeling pretty good about the speed in which we were working and how well everything was looking. We always plan out everything ahead of time “in detail”. This is time well spent as it pays off with 95% fewer headaches when the hammers start flying.

But then something really interesting happened for the construction team during our weekly meeting with the architect Jamie Myer. The new roof-line was just in the process of being framed so you could get an idea of how it was looking from inside. At this point the architect goes over the plans with us and reveals no ceiling was going back in over the living room, he’s going to leave it open. As we look up we’re all blown away, what a great idea. This design detail will totally transform the living room from ordinary to extraordinary.

Without the ceiling there’s a feeling of space that makes the room play 3 times it’s size. Plus in all the other rooms where ceilling were to be built, an access door is planned so storage space also increases for the house. New clean lines on the outside, 4 times the storage space on the inside and soaring ceilings in the living room. Can’t wait to show you all the finished project. This is going to be a winner home remodel inside and out.

The team at Aim Higher Construction

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