Is it worth tearing the whole roof off a house just because you do not like the lines?

Changing the lines on a roof starts with taking the old one down...How many times have you said that about something in your home, I mean even a home renovation, after it’s finished will have an owner looking back upon something thinking, “I wish I’d done that differently”.

That’s just the way it is, but the real question is, does it bother you so much you would pay to do it over again. If the answer is yes then it is money well spent. The way we see it is it’s your home, where you come re-charge, rest, relax and it should be enjoyable. So if something bugs you, fix it. Or learn to live with it and get on with your life.

Take this client of ours, they did not like the lines of their roof. It really bugged them. Now there was nothing really wrong with the roof, it didn’t leak and looked in good shape, but for them it was a question of aesthetics. They just didn’t like the way it looked, to them it just didn’t work with the rest of the house.

So they allocated a budget, hired and architect and he came up with a plan. Got to admit when we saw the new plans for the roof line they did make an amazing improvement to the beauty of the house. So the client gave the plans a thumbs up and the home remodel was in the works.

We were hired to do the general construction on this home renovation in Los Angeles and the first job was to get rid of the original roof. The great thing is it only took us a day to take down the original roof and haul it all away. Now we’re in the process of building the new roof, which is coming along beautifully.

Can’t wait to show you how it comes out, with just the framing done it already brings a big smile to the owners.

The Crew at Aim Higher / General Construction Los Angeles

About Eric Anderson LA

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