Every general construction job has challenges, trick is to address your construction issues before they become a problem.

home renovation

Planning solves construction issues before they become problems.

We’ve never had a general construction job in Los Angeles that did not have it’s own set of unique challenges. That’s just the way this business is.

Sometimes the simple construction jobs become the most complicated. Especially in a home renovation, bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel.  Because you never know what you’ll find when you open up a wall or foundation. It’s an adventure to say the least.

That’s why you can never do too much planning ahead of time. We go through a planning process that is like a check list, and we’ve avoided a lot of mistakes by catching them up front before they become a serious problem. Do it enough and before long it becomes a habit that does not slow down the process, in fact it speeds the construction project up. Because everybody on the team knows what the challenges are and can think them out before they have a negative effect on the construction project.

Clients don’t like to see construction problems or hear about them. But when they arise, get them involved right away, being transparent instills trust and they are much more likely to understand a construction problem and pay overages if they are made aware right up front and part of the decision making process.

We all know, you can’t think of and plan for everything, and eventually even the best of us gets in a pickle. And that’s when you really find out what your crew is made of. Time is money and in these tense situations, the team needs to think on their feet, and think fast. Fortunately we had a really diverse, talented crew that so far, has solved every construction problem we’ve been faced with, with solutions that save the client time and money.

So take your time upfront and plan every step of the project out before you start, and if you do run into construction issues, a good crew will help you solve them before they become a problem.

The Crew at Aim Higher / General Construction Los Angeles

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