Three keys to building a deck that will last a lifetime: 1. A solid foundation. 2. Strong support construction. 3. Water proof as you build.

We’ve had a lot of experience building decks. Decks on hillsides, decks in backyards and decks 30 feet above the street. Plus we’ve done a fair amount of repairing and finishing decks that were started and somewhere along the construction process ran a foul of logic and building codes.

So here’s the benefit of our experience doing general construction in Los Angeles. It’s the foundation and support construction that is the most important part of the process. Okay, you’re thinking that’s pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many beautiful decks we come and repair because either the support construction or foundation has given way. But you can relax if you’re using a good contractor and pulling permits, because they’ll be building to code and you won’t have anything to worry about.

But if you’re a do it yourselfer and  aren’t pulling permits, or using a handy man, then you really need to do your homework to avoid a costly mistake of time and money. Feel free to give us a call and pick our brains, no charge for that and a conversation could save you a lot of headaches.

Now here’s  the next big reason a deck deteriorates. Water, yep if you don’t account for water and its destructive force on wood you’re in for a big surprise. But if you plan for it and build accordingly, you can extend the life of your deck dramatically. One tip is to look for areas that the water will eventually get to and do some serious water proofing. This is something that many people skip, mostly because it’s usually somewhere out of sight and you know the saying “out of sight our of mind”.

But it’s these “out of sight areas” that collect water and start to rot without you even knowing it until one day you have a big problem. So as the deck is built, start water proofing these hard to get to areas that collect water. It’s easy when you’re building and will extend the life of your deck for many years.

The Crew at Aim Higher / General Construction Los Angeles

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