Malibu Home Renovation; if you wait too long, what you think needs fixing, could just be the beginning.

construction in MalibuIn this Malibu house, it all started with a leaky shower pan on the second floor. The water was slowly running down into the interior wall and into the garage below. It looked like a pretty simple job, just demo the bathroom (it needed a face lift any way) fix the shower pan, and bam, you’re back in business with a nice new bathroom to boot.

But what we discovered when we ripped out the shower, was massive structural rot in the support beams below where the water has been slowly dripping for years.

The owners new it was leaking but didn’t think it was too bad after all it was just leaking into the garage and it wasn’t very much, so they just let it go. Big mistake, because over the years the constant dripping water had rotted the support beams. So now they have to not only redo the bathroom, but all the support beams below, including for support for the deck off the bedroom. The costs increased substantially, which is unfortunate and could of been avoided.

Got to tell you we see this all the time. Word to the wise, if you have a leak some where, even if it’s not to your eye damaging anything, still get it fixed. Water is sneaky, it goes where you can’t see and creates a lot of problems over time, and these problems can be expensive to repair.

The Crew at Aim Higher / General Construction Los Angeles

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